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Centuria tournament

Centuria is a new wargame by Massimo Torriani together with some mates of him. Based on his engine called Operation Squad, they are rules for ancient wargame. You can obtain better informations on it on I tried it at Lucca and some weeks ago a tournament was held here in Rome.

We were inside a school. Some other games were played in other classrooms. This is the vantage to have a school director as wargamer.

I know something about the rules and engine principles but I didn’t participate to the tournament. I followed all the matches, indeed. However I stayed more than 6 hours to meet my wargame friends from Arezzo and Firenze, and from Rome too.

It was even the opportunity to watch beautiful 28mm miniatures. Some old Romans by Perry, some newer by Aventine, some made in plastic by Victrix. I even have got various Romans in my private Army, from various producers and epochs. I like Romans so much! Maybe because I’m Roman…


A fungus among us

Fightin' Fungi 28mm Fantasy Miniatures -- Kicktraq Mini

I’m a fun guy because this Ganesha Games’ kickstarter is ended with a bang! $25014 and 290 pledgers. From a small proposal with only 6 miniatures and 1 rulebook to 35 miniatures and 2 rulebooks. And among these, 4 are mounted, and 8 are larger than a 28mm. Moreover, with $100 you could obtain a total of 53 miniatures. I call it a real bargain price!

Now we have to wait the following phases: sculpt, mould, shipment. Maybe all will be ready for June. In the meantime news about the process. Tonight I’m going to eat some fungi…


Last day of Fungi people

Now or never. The Ganesha Games’ kickstarter is at its end. I followed it since its first ideation to today. During this month I monitored everyday the pledge level. Fightin’ Fungi was a real thing since 30 hours after it was live. It is Kickstarter Staff Pick and 5th on Kicktraq after one day. Here we are at the last effort. And this one is for Ganesha Games only the first attempt to do something bigger with kickstarter.

There are a lot of options for you: only the rules in pdf or paperback, more rules by Ganesha Games at bargain prices, only few picked miniatures, a lot of miniatures and rules. You have only to choose how to obtain.

Pledge and unlock more free miniatures:
Pledge before it can harm you!


Tales of the Sun Kissed Vale

Exactly 4 days left to the end of Fightin’ Fungi 28mm Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter. You have miniatures, a new version of Song of Blades and Heroes rules, profiles and rules for mushroom people, and a supplement for Tales of Blades and Heroes RPG system. This will be a 48+ page PDF only supplement that contains background for the Sun Kissed Vale as well as profiles. It will be lavishly illustrated and contain some new art as well. Even if you don’t play Tales of Blades and Heroes, it will make a very cool painting reference for your Fightin’ Fungi miniatures and give you a lot more history and background of the Fightin’ Fungi setting.

Do you want more?

Pledge and unlock more free miniatures:


Exactly 1 week left

Fightin’ Fungi Kickstarter is entered in its last week. A lot of stuff is achieved. But I want this too! If the backers number would be 200 or more, this miniature is available and free. He is an halfling truffle hunter, Andrea Underoot, and his trusty pig mount, Davey Snoutbottom.


Kickstarter: only 9 days left

Now we are at $10306 and 162 pledgers. And only 9 days left. We need more pledgers and money to unlock the following miniatures. Even with a low pledge you can pick what you want of the 17 available miniatures. Please, if you are interested, this is the moment to pledge here:


16 days to go. Until now, we have reached $8651, the 192% of the $4500 goal. At the moment for a $100 pledge you will obtain 32 miniatures. And more are in arrival reaching the next pledge levels. And the rules in a draft format can be playtested by pledgers. So this Fightin’ Fungi is a success. But we still need more people for more mushroom people. Pledge if you can and spread the spores:


Song of Blades and Heroes new rules

This Fightin’ Fungi 28mm Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter is the opportunity to taste a new step in Song of Blade and Heroes rules. Together with the miniatures, or with the “only rules” pledges, you obtain:

  • New armor rules – instead of these being just a +1 on the C score, we now have listed when the Armored or Protected status apply, against which attacks etc
  • Weapons now have their own rules, you get javelins, flails, heavy bludgeoning weapons, warhammers, two handed weapons etc
  • Shields: choice of buckler, small, large and magical shield
  • New spell system with 30 spells, backwards compatible with the less detailed way of doing magic in the original SoBaH. Spells are described with tags so info about range, area affected etc is not repeated. Spells are chosen when a characters is created (you may have a number of spells based on your Q, but you need to pay points for every spell, and if you want to create a standard SOBH spellcaster just select Magic Bolt and Transfix)
  • About 10 new traits, 3-4 of which are spore-related so they would apply only to fungi folk, but the others are quite generic in nature
  • Pledgers which have rewards that include the pdf or pdf/book combo will receive a download link for an unedited copy of the book with not final artwork and page setting. So you can start playing and send in your comments.