This Fightin’ Fungi 28mm Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter is the opportunity to taste a new step in Song of Blade and Heroes rules. Together with the miniatures, or with the “only rules” pledges, you obtain:

  • New armor rules – instead of these being just a +1 on the C score, we now have listed when the Armored or Protected status apply, against which attacks etc
  • Weapons now have their own rules, you get javelins, flails, heavy bludgeoning weapons, warhammers, two handed weapons etc
  • Shields: choice of buckler, small, large and magical shield
  • New spell system with 30 spells, backwards compatible with the less detailed way of doing magic in the original SoBaH. Spells are described with tags so info about range, area affected etc is not repeated. Spells are chosen when a characters is created (you may have a number of spells based on your Q, but you need to pay points for every spell, and if you want to create a standard SOBH spellcaster just select Magic Bolt and Transfix)
  • About 10 new traits, 3-4 of which are spore-related so they would apply only to fungi folk, but the others are quite generic in nature
  • Pledgers which have rewards that include the pdf or pdf/book combo will receive a download link for an unedited copy of the book with not final artwork and page setting. So you can start playing and send in your comments.