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Dwarves miniatures by Ganesha Games

The new Ganesha Games’ kickstarter after 9 days is with 312 backers and $24091. So we are with 4 stretch goals reached and another one only $1000 away. The big news is that the project is EU friendly by an English caster. But this must be still officially announced. In the meantime you can see here which dwarves miniatures are available in the kickstarter. If you like them pledge here:


We need a name for the Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes game world. The name must be original and suggestive. It can be a made-up word, a portmanteau, or a word in a long-dead language that sounds cool.

Your entry should be sent by email at with the subject GAMEWORLDNAME typed in all caps. One entry per person. Text of email should include the street address of entrant so we know where to send your prize.

Send your entry by August 25th.

We will put together all entries on SurveyMonkey and run a survey through September 10th, 2015. The name with most votes will be officially used in all Song of Blades and Heroes and Tales of Blades and Heroes books.

Winner will receive a free, signed paperback copy of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes and a signed, full-color character illustration original painted by Andrea Sfiligoi.

In the meantime, the kickstarter is more than $22000 with 265 pledgers.


New Ganesha Games Kickstarter is live

The kickstarter is live! The new Ganesha Games book on dwarves is available as pledge together with a bunch of miniatures. It was funded ($9800 goal) already after three hours and half, and after only a day two stretch goal were reached! 200 backers! Now is number five on Kicktraq Today’s Top Ten! 28 days to go…

Look at this kickstarter and pledge what you can!


It’s Ferragosto time!

The Summer day of the year! This year no Summer holidays due to new house refurbishment. But this day is always holiday!
And as every year the post with amenities (miniature soldiers are a serious thing indeed).

This is a new great entry in trash world. Andrea Diprè is a bloke with a loser look, and he is involved in porno stars and weird chaps interviews. He claims to be addicted to sex and drugs. He is very funny and the unequivocal proof of brain damage with the abuse of illegal substances. Together with him you can find Sara Tommasi. She was a TV actress famous only for her body. Now she is out of mind. She lives in the same city where live Andrea Sfiligoi of Ganesha Games. And here they sing their Summer song where they say: “come with me inside my privé, coke and tramps even for you”. Real culture!

The myth! Richard Benson is back with a record and a great hit. Like a paraplegic king on his throne, he moves his club and gnash his teeth. This song is about his fear for dwarves. We sing it during Ganesha Games work for the upcoming kickstarter about dwarves miniatures and rules.

And now Andrea Diprè interview Richard Benson in English. So you can understand their greatness. Have real fun during this Summer ; )


Genova (part 3): travellers

More things about Genova. This is the last post and it is dedicated to travellers, as Cristoforo Colombo.

Another traveller was captain D’Albertis. He travelled around the world three times. When he was in Genova, it built a castle that now is an ethnographic museum with a weapon section based on his souvenirs took around.

Another traveller was Edoardo Chiossone who worked at the Imperial court of Japan, designing their money. He collected various things, and among these armours and weapons.

A war mask.

Samurai armours.

The museum is very suggestive and with a particular architecture. At the ground a musical exhibition was held as final year essay.

James Richardson Spensley, an Englishman who worked in Genova, practically founded the first football team in Italy. During the visit of the team museum I found this boardgame, a sort of football manager on cardboard.

Other travellers were the Red Shirt leaded by Garibaldi that started from Genova conquered the South Italy. Since Italy was united as country.

And this one is one of the proto-flags of Italy.

If you want to know more Genova you have to become a traveller and go there…


Genova (part 2): power on sea

Genova holidays again. I selected few photos from 1000. So it is only an idea of what you can find. We visited more than 14 museums in 5 days. We are not used to rest during holidays.

Here I am partially under the sea. The frontal part of a real submarine. Where you put torpedo to say hello to enemies.

The pilot seat on the right, a lot of indicators all around.

Periscope. I cannot see a thing, pity!

Nazario Sauro, Italian style submarine.

Inside the new Sea Museum, a 1:1 reconstructed Genoese galley.

Helms to coordinate with the ship.

And cuirasses.

And inside the old harbour a very huge aquarium with various kind of fishes, jellyfishes, aquatic mammals and birds.

More tomorrow…


Genova (part 1): overview

And now something about 2015 holidays. This year was Genova, at the end of May. From here an empire on sea was built. And Cristoforo Colombo started his voyage to discover another continent. Now it is still a proud city with something of rebel into his veins, with more glory than majesty.

Old city with narrow streets. Dark even when sunny. A maze, sometimes dangerous.

Epochs on epochs. A mix that still live.

City lie on hills, so you have to climb it.

Some buildings have an access to the road on the ground and on the roof following a natural height difference. No straight lines from a place to another here, but walls to climb with steps.

Building inside buttresses. Every space must be used.

And now the part built in the 1800 and on. A straight one level large way with porticoes. The fountain has pink water. It seems wine or blood.

Even here a difference of levels: under a portico, and upper a church.

A view of the harbour from a fake castle built on a real castle. It is still one of the most important Mediterranean harbours. In the dock a cruise ship so large that it seems a big block of flats.


The old lighthouse now is only an element of the harbour, enclose by a coal-burning power plant, roads, huge ships and containers.

The old part of the harbour is now a tourist place with cinemas and attractions.

Boccadasse was a small town for sailors. Now it is absorbed by Genova and it a picturesque place where to eat gelato.

At the other end of the city, on the left, there is Pegli. Some beach resorts on stones instead of sand.

More tomorrow…