After a general coverage of the convention (but more things were around), now the part dedicated to Ganesha Games presence: two gaming tables and one large table as vendors.

Mushrooms at large. Miniatures were cast and now Andrea can demonstrate the Advanced version of Song of Blade and Heroes with them. An enormous house was built by Miraz, the author of the new western rules, SBH based. Dwarves are arriving from casters.

The first convention day was with an OGAM scenario run by Diego based on new OGAM supplement on Celt mythology.

Andrea as entertainer for mothers and children.

Your hero together with a mother and her child. Note my new Gojira t-shirt. Sometime the demo work is useful to attract new people to wargame, sometime is simple entertainment for children.

During inaction time we playtested some new rules for venationes. A very useful session.

This is our group photo. A beautiful holiday among miniatures. My regret is scarce possibility to visit places where we play because all the time we remain involved in gaming. Only dinner time is free. All restaurants in town were sold out so we winded up in a pizzeria where the owner sang old tunes together with orders. Chisena sang following the owner. Weird and fun. However pizza was not the best, pity. But lunch was worse: internal canteen was not cheap and not good. After the dinner, the concierge delighted us with descriptions about his artistic ceramic personal collection. We heard it with dreamy interest. Because we were falling asleep. Our friends of wargaming clan ate in another place. A great and genuine meal based on meat plates. We declined because of vegetarianism. And even because we know that was a meal that lasted more time. So when they returned later than us, the impact with the concierge was far worse. The Sunday morning they were destroyed by scarce sleep.

We are completing the back events schedule. No coverage of Tiferno Comics (too near to Empoli, only Andrea went) and Maker Faire Rome (too many people and chaos to pick an interesting photo). So it is time for Lucca.