Here we go with the 10 parts report! Back at the end of October and the begin of November. We were in Lucca for Lucca Comics & Games 2015. You can’t understand what is this mess if you weren’t there. More than 700 stands, more than 75000mq exposition space, more than 300000 people around during 4 days.

It is the bigger and greater event of the year. You must be here.

This time people didn’t prefer Saturday but all the days to visit the convention. These photos were taken in not so overcrowd moments. It was during my free time trips to visit the convention. However I didn’t reach all its parts scattered around the city and its walls.

Queues, as usual. When you spot one of them it means that an event is running. This is Panini/Marvel/Disney pavilion. However the queue could be only to buy something…

Queue at Bonelli pavilion. It is the most important comic publisher in Italy. Authors signed prints made for the event at the end of the queue.

Hello Kitty pavilion, a new thing for this year. Kwai.

An hot-air balloon to see things from above.

The Japan Town. Obviously where you could find all what is Japan related.

Overcrowd corridors in some shop places in Japan Town.

Temporary shops. During these days you cannot find normal shops, every shop changes in food shops or comics/gadgets shops. It is crazy. I spot an hairdresser shop with dismantled machines, transformed as a comic shop. Lucca is a different place the rest of the year.

Sketches by comic authors. I bought a present for Christmas, and they added an illustration on it.

Stan Sakai drawn this for me on Italian version of 47 Ronin comic.

Batcar parked in a place.

The water canal inside Lucca.

Churches around…

At night, around. This is an internal door of old Lucca walls. Walks after the day duties.