The wargame area: Miniature Island. Here we are mounting our 3D Authors space, the day before of the convention.

Lord and Dragons, fantasy skirmish rules by Sartori, mastered by Marco Guarnieri.

Andrea Torriani and the evolution of his WWII skirmish rules: Operation Overlord Evolution.

Valentino Del Castello, authorial element of Torriani authors staff.

Losi, another Torriani man.

Another Torriani game: Centuria. Mastered by Andrea Vitroni, chief of Clan Conan.

Clan Conan is the staff for wargame demonstrations open to all people. Instead with 3D Authors we look for wargame experts.

Berlin table built by Narciso of Clan Conan and Legio Palatina wargame club (my wargame club).

The new recruit for Clan Conan, together with cute ramen staff.

Instead of Mario Brothers, better Mario Sisters.

Wargame table with Dust rules. And a nazi ufo! I love it.


Malifaux had a dedicated stand. And this table. GW and Mantic stands were just few paces behind.

The painters area where you could speak with painters and learn techniques. Here Luciano Molina at work.

Giovanni Bosio, the star painter of this area. And prizes won at various categories in the painting contest at this convention edition.