After the Miniature Island review, the Ganesha Games one.

This was the Fungi year and Advanced Song Blades and Heroes rules were played in the convention.

During a pause Andrea drew a sketch of Norindaal world.

A couple of rules explanation and demonstration moments.

The Friday table of Heel Creek, the Ganesha Games spaghetti western rules. Now only in Italian. The first pressing was sold out. When Andrea will find the time, you can have the English version. If you are still waiting Ferrum et Gloria in English you can understand schedule priority…

This man is the author and he could kill Andrea in the following months. In a western time style indeed.

This couple is Crazy Factory, a miniature company that is realising a custom version of Andrea future science fiction rules. You can find a beta version on their website.

An official photo of our hero in Lucca outfit.

Animal rules are practically ready, only some tweaks are needed. I need more tests but now I’m involved in a new project due for the end of the year. More news in a next time.

And here while I’m was testing some food available at the canteen: beans and tomato, together with fried potatoes.