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Sergio Franchi’s arenas

I found that Sergio Franchi, the miniature painter that works a lot on Andrea Sfiligoi miniature collection, realised a couple of arenas for Ferrum et Gloria. He sells them and accepts commissions to build other arenas. You can find him here:


Knights and Knaves is out

Knights and Knaves is a supplement for the Battlesworn: Bid for Victory miniatures rules. Too much time we have waited for this but Andrea mind is only on new projects and he tends to forget old ones. Battlesworn is a revolutionary game where initiative is represented by a bidding mechanic. Players bid for initiative and reveal their bids at the same time. The lowest bidder acts first, with as many characters as the number of his bid. The highest bidder reacts with as many characters as the difference between bids. Combat uses the same mechanic. Combatants roll a number of dice equal to the amount bid. Lower bids are resolved before higher bids. This forces players to take decisions: do I attack fast, sacrificing accuracy and power for speed, or do I let my opponent go first to hit him later with a harder blow? Moreover distances are determined by terrain and by enemies position: no inches, no centimetres, no measuring sticks.

I believe that success of Song of Blades and Heroes game shadowed Battlesworn. This is really a great game instead.

In Knights and Knaves you can find 18 new Classes: Acrobat, Alchemist, Assassin, Bard, Beast, Berserker, Chaos Warrior, Construct, Druid, Giant, Monk, Paladin, Pistoleer, Priest, Ranger, Swarm, Witch, and Witch Hunter. And more, because you can find magic melee and ranged weapons, Talismans, Amulets, Potions, and 12 new spells, all formatted as cards that can be printed or photocopied. Guidelines for solitaire play are included.

You can buy for few money here:


Legio Palatina reunion

Even this year we celebrated a Legio Palatina reunion. Partial, as usual due to logistical problems. We were in Canino, at Narciso’s house. Special guests Andrea from Terni, and two Narciso’s friends for a visit.

We were still in solstice holidays (Christmas and so on for almost two-three weeks) mood so a mjed bottle and pandoro before the battles. And while Narciso is picking some miniatures, Diego is picking a pandoro slice.

As first instance a couple of playtest games of Fortebraccio. Still minor tweaks on cards. When will have illustrations on cards this game kills. We like it very much. Expansions are planned. In June we will play it in a tournament in Perugia. The game is designed to celebrate the Saint’Egidio battle of the 12th of July 1416. 600 years ago. The game is commissioned by Perugia comune.

After pizza at lunch, in the afternoon a mega battle with HOTT. We didn’t remind all the rules because we are more DBA chaps. But the emphasis was on fun. Sadly my faction (Chaos) was exterminated by misfortune. However I lost my Fortebraccio game too. I don’t care, it was a great day.


Cards and comics

A new game is in development from Ganesha Games. It is not the Ferrum et Gloria card game. It is not the Song of Blade and Heroes card game. It is Fortebraccio, a card game about battles during Medieval times with Condottieri. Out in the first part of 2016. English version after. Here you can see it in playtest form, obviously.

The same day we went to Antani, a comic shop in Terni. A meeting with Carmine De Domenico (he works for Marvel) and Giuseppe Palumbo (Diabolik and Martin Mystere). At the begin they worked together, so this was an opportunity to meet again, even if approximately 25 years are passed.

A lot of people were there for free sketches, but I paid (relatively) a lot of money to obtain an exclusive drawing through a commission by Palumbo.

I believe that Palumbo is currently one of the best drawers around, so I am proud to possess an example of his art. In the future on the walls of my new house.


Happy New Year!

Another year! Toward the future, looking back to the past, blogging about miniatures and life. Like every year I read the last year statements and I found what I was thinking about new targets. Something is still waiting to see the light since a lot of years, something is lost in Limbo, and more ideas and projects are born in the meantime. Conjectures about the new year are sometimes negated by time. However a lot of realisation by Ganesha Games are out now, as two Kickstarter and more of them are programmed. Among other collaborations as playtester, I’m in the work on the 2nd book of Ferrum et Gloria, an adventure for a Italian roleplay, an Italian edition with added materials for a classic game by GG. I was in a lot of conventions and I scheduled the next ones for all the 2016. Tournament season with DBA is definitely closed. The new house have absorbed energies and all my money, so no ambitious holidays next. What will happen? You will know reading these pages. In the meantime, Happy New Year!