I live very near the Cinecittà studios, even called “Hollywood on Tiber river”. Here they make films since 1937. This time I visited them for a special event.

The last Tarantino film, “The Hateful Eight”, was filmed in 70mm. I remember when I was a child, where cinemas were enormous halls with big screens. Nowadays we have only cinemas with a lot of small screens. So inside a Cinecittà studio, the mythic “Teatro 5”, a cinema hall was recreated to play the film with all its 70mm glory.

In the foyer, some Cinecittà set designers recreated a set inspired to the film one. Like making models, but in 1:1 scale.
And in the end we spent more than 3 hours watching a great film as old times. Exciting thing. That was very different than television.