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Lucca C&G 2016 is among us

I’m leaving for the train for Terni. If the earthquake permit it. Then Lucca by car in the afternoon. After, the 5 days of the fair. You can find us in Miniature Island at the Games pavillion. Ask me to take a ride with Faustus Furius. See you there!

Note: I have still a lot of interesting things to show, so the Lucca report will be out in December because I prefer to publish posts in chronological order and one event for week. This Autumn was so full of things that they deserves the right attention.


Fumetterni 2016

The first of post-Summer conventions and fairs. Too many to post all together here, so I’m accumulating a constant late with reports. But Winter is a less crowded period, so one event post every week is the rule.

By the people of the comic-shop that I spoke about some months ago. They have organised previous editions of this comic fair, but after a year without one, this time it was in a new location.

Various rooms and pavilions among a sporting centre. Three days and a lot of people for a peripheral place as Terni.

Comics and gadgets. And some vintage action figures.

But the main organiser is very involved in comic world so there was a large section about comic, as a exhibit and conferences. It was not the classical comic fair based on cosplay to attract people.

And there was an artist alley with many artists of national and international fame.

There was a room dedicated to games, as wargames, retro-videogames and boardgames. And here we can find our mate Sergio, of Song of Drums and Shakos fame, and his long term passion: Subbuteo.

He is a Subbuteo collector too. Here all kinds of football players with their production years.

And a rare Subbuteo rugby version. The brown cupola is to determine where the ball is out from a scrum.

Ganesha Games was there with his stand, as usual.

Ferrum et Gloria was present too with his small tin-arena. Waiting to show the new Faustus Furius convention set.


The end is nigh for the kickstarter

Last days for the fourth kickstarter by Ganesha Games. Pledge now or never more. Here some other items available.

There are 6 different heads to make each possessed look unique. Even the same body can look very different with a different mask. The Possessed usually wear a demon mask resembling the appearance of the demon which possesses them. By donning the mask, they allow the demon to enter their body and control them. Although the dwarf’s body can be killed normally, the demonic spirit is tied to the mask. Another living person wearing the mask will allow the demon to control them as well. The demon can only be expelled by destroying the mask.

Character cards are included for each miniature in this project. This makes it easy to select characters for each mission and provides a summary of all the model special rules so you don’t need to flip through the rulebook during play.

As part of this project, there is the offer of a gaming surface from durable, lightweight, and wrinkle-resistant neoprene rubber mat, the same material used for mousepads. The mat is only 1.5mm thick and is easy to fold or roll up for easy storage and transport. The surface is soft, so your minis do not get damaged when they fall, and the ‘grippy’ bottom makes sure the mat does not move around during play.
Regular games of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes are played on a 3’x3’ gaming surface covered with terrain. However, due to a large interest in a bigger mat, a larger 6’x4′ surface is available too.

Estimated delivery: November and December 2016. Yes, less than a couple of months.


Kickstarter new addictions

More miniatures are available for this new kickstarter. $18000 are needed to unlock all of them, but this amount will be surely reached at the end. So maybe something more will be out. The campaign in the book is based on these minis, so only after the kickstarter Andrea could know where the story entirely go.