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Prague 2018: Walk around [part01]

During the winter, with rain and cold, people think about their next vacation in a warmer season. In the meantime here there is the report of my last vacation, the first real trip after the money drop due to my house buying.

Prague is a beautiful city in the middle of Europe, with a Slavic and German feel. Usually people go to Prague for a short trip, a weekend based on romantic views, beer and sex. We stayed for a week, and we based our trip on culture and historical views, instead. Prague is so perfect that it seems a fake city. There is a Disneyland feel that emerges from the tourist setting of the all the city centre: you can’t find real shops but only tourist ones, and this for miles and miles. Its soul is corrupted by tourist traps. Lots of historical things to see but you can find even fake historical things. Three vax museums at short distance are a sign of what I’m saying. However we had great moments and there are some posts about them. Here the first with an overview.


Happy New Year!

Another year! Toward the future, looking back to the past, blogging about miniatures and life.

The 2018 was the year where I tried to put posts about what I did during 2016, 2017 and 2018. We have now reached only almost a 6 months late. In a world based on instant media it is a little weird but this place is my personal journal and I’m happy with it. Posts are a fun thing to do, but it is all time that I subtract to rules writing and gaming. So I will continue with a schedule of just a couple of posts every month, with scarce text, because texts means time to write them.

My programmes for the new year is to publish in English my sequel for Palaeo Diet and to work on FeG II. In April I hope that my new adventure for Katakumbas roleplay will be out. I hope to have fun. Enjoy 2019!