This one is the last post about Lucca Comics & Games 2011. I hope you appreciate my efforts to report this fair. After comics, games, gadgets, mecha, here there is the best of show. Only a selection of the best because we were surrounded by this best and you couldn’t take a photo of everything. Please, continue with this post only if your heart works fine.

The translation of the sign showed in the fair: “Pussycat of the day contest. Under unappealable and corruptible decision of the jury”.

Best pussycat of the day?

No more pranks. As the sign says: “Here pussy is first served”.

From this point on I present some photos I picked on the web. I cannot remind who took them, but if you want to know this and if you want more photos, on fair and cosplay, please go to Flickr.

Flickr: Album di luccacomicsandgames
Flickr: Lucca Comics & Games 2011
Flickr: Cosplay Italia