crusader websiteAll starts here. A day I was surfing the web and I found these little things from Crusade Miniatures. What superb sculptures! I liked the poses, the historically accurateness, the mass of the pieces. The style of Mark Sims is superb, his soldiers are stocky, heavy, with a gravity. You can think: hey mate, these are too plump. But I dislike slim soldiers or those with real human proportions: I don’t want little men, I want something who fit well on the table. Real humans are too dry, legs are long and without a real interest. I want to see armours, helms, shields and not male photo models. In the 1/72 format you have more slim pieces. It is the technique of the manufacturing of the pieces. Lead for me is better!
Well, the story is simple: I liked the pieces, I bought the pieces. But I had to obtain a cause for my impulsive purchase. What could I do with them? I have heard about rules for gladiators. Could I buy them? Oh, no, I wanted something very historical, I’m Roman and I have a degree in History, I had to do something by myself, for my new gladiator pieces. So I started to think about a rule system for gladiators. I’ll speak about this in a new post.
At the moment I want to suggest these pieces. You have a lot of good fighters, some historical and some fantasy from the (in)famous film “Gladiator”. Sims made the historical pieces first, and various months after he sculpted the others. You can found some pieces for the arena feeling: two referees, Charon, Mercurius, wounded and some spectators. The address is this: