If you can remember, I’m building a city for my 28mm soldiers, Flyton. Well, a city is a big prospective, I’m only thinking about a wargame table saturated by buildings for an urban set. I like the design of British cities, as I like Very British Civil War scenario, so I wish to reconstruct a part of them for my gaming goals. Since a couple of years I’m looking for the right terraced houses models in 1:56 (28mm) scale. I found cardboard designs for railway modelling, resin blocks, shaped MDF. But I haven’t reached a decision yet. In the meantime I started other projects, but I want to build this one once for all. Maybe in the following months I will take bricks and wood to start my city.

Here I want to show you some real masterpieces, inspiring art for my Flyton. I found these images on two posts on two forums:
Pendraken Forum
Gentlemens Wargame Parlour

Taken from Smoggycon 2011. 28mm

The same convention. Irish Civil War by Border Reiver Club. 28mm

From Phalanx 2011. 20mm

Another game with almost the same buildings. 20mm