I thought it was simpler to make. Now, after 4 months of work, Zen Garden is ready at last. I’m only waiting the pressing of the rules, but for this I have to wait Andrea. And you can buy it, even if I must calculate the price, because the sum of all materials do it not so cheap. Two editions. The red one (8 boxes) is without glued materials, the black one (22 boxes) has glued materials. Here is the red box number one. Limited editions of course.

Some materials ready to be put in the boxes: soldiers, measuring sticks, dices. In the other photo the black planks with drying glue.

Today (even yesterday in some part of the city at north) was the day with snow upon Rome. It is a rare event, but not so rare as before, because weather is changing. Now the snow is almost melted, but it is night so temperature is low again, but the sky is free of clouds, we had a sunny afternoon. We were waiting the snow since a week but our wonderful mayor Alemanno is like Schettino on Concordia, only unclear orders, no real countermeasures, to accuse others to save himself, and a policy over all:”save yourself if you can, it is snowing, it is the end of the world!”. Rome blocked by only 3.5 cm of snow…