In Rome we have got a lot of towers, fortified high buildings where you could control the country around, so now some quarters are called with the towers names, like Torbellamonica (beautiful nun tower), Torrespaccata (split tower), Torpignattara (potter tower), Torre Gaia (gay tower), Torvergata (rodded tower) Torfiscale (fiscal tower), Tortreteste (three heads tower), and so on… but in this post we are speaking about Switzerland and they have got castles, and we visited some.

Swiss live among higher mountains so not many people went to disturb them. But to create more problems to strangers they built a lot of castles and now they are the centre of cities or villages. We went to visit museums inside them or we just went to do a walk in their surroundings. One thing that disappointed us a little was that these castles were essentially built for residential purposes than defensive ones. Or at least what we see today is their residential resettlement.

Chillon castle. Placed over a rock just off the shore of the lake, it has fortified walls against the shore side, while on the lake side there are the rooms for the landlord.

Nyon castle. You can go through to come out on a panoramic terrace above the city below.

Neuchatel castle. Maybe now is the town hall.

Grandson castle. Inside there is a museum about the Burgundian siege. And an exposition about comics and castles.

Morges castle. A weapon museum inside. I will show you something from here.

Ouchy castle. By the lakeside of Lausanne.

I haven’t a photo of the Prangis castle that we visited, so you can have one photo of me during the trip with the car, essential to visit all these castles.