In the yard outside the museum that you have saw on the previous post, you can find four tanks used by Italian Army.

M47 Patton with Italian colours. In the background a Roman wall. We are along the late Rome walls.

M4 Sherman with Italian colours. Probably it was a tank used against Italy during the WWII, adopted by our new Army after the war. Too heavy and old to return to the USA. Moreover there was the Cold War and tanks have to be ready against Russians…

M13/40 (similar to M14/41 and M15/42) was the main Italian medium tank of the war. Inferior to Allied tanks, it gave however a lot of problems to its adversaries. Following some photos to have a better view of the tank. Some models are now available in a scale comparable to 28mm miniatures. If you want to add details to them, this could be a photo resource.

The other common tank for Italians in the WWII, from the CV33 – CV35 series, aka L3-33 – L3-35. Tank is not the right word. It is knew as “sardine box”. It was a tankette developed by the Carden-Loyd Mk VI. But operatively used as a tank, with only two machine-gun against real tanks.

After we visit a near church founded by the mother of emperor Constantine I. Not really a Roman building nowadays. However you can find inside a wood piece from the original Christ’s cross and a couple of its nails. If you believe in relics…