North Star, miniature producer and vendor, have started another Nickstater. It is a program to build pre-orders for miniature lines useful for new Osprey wargame rules. It gives free figures, discounts and free postage. If they manage to raise certain target amounts of money, they will release either free figures or new models into the design schedule. This time they are making sets of licensed figures for Of Gods And Mortals by Andrea Sfiligoi. When the game is released in October 2013, they will have eight box sets to accompany the rule book. These will be four different gods, and four different legends sets. This will give you the myth content of pantheons inside the book. If the rules and miniatures manage to get the attention they deserve, there will be more figures and additional army lists available. Maybe Osprey could even be convinced to give us a full supplement for OGAM. I am involved in this project (I am one of the playtesters) and I hope you like it!

To know more on this project or to pledge, go to the OGAM Nickstarter page: