I’m leaving again for a wargame convention. This time is for GiocaPerugia: two days in Perugia about comics, wargames, roleplays, videogames and boardgames. A great location, inside underground medieval halls in a beautiful and historic city. Our team will be Andrea with OGAM, Sergio with 100 dices, and me with Ferrum et Gloria. A full report will follow on these pages. I didn’t forget Lisbon, Lucca and Terni reports, but I’m very busy with works, things to do for conventions and tournaments, and my main computer is falling apart. So all is delayed. The following week I hope to write almost all. However, if you want to know more about this Perugia convention go to the website: https://giocaperugia.it.

Another reasonable ground to go to Perugia is the presence of the 2005 World Cosplay Champion, Giorgia Vecchini, that you can see in the following photo.