The last month was a wargame marathon with too many events. I’m tired but satisfied. And now, the last wargame convention of the year: Ludica. This is THE wargame convention of Rome. I was crucial to find the initial contacts for it. However the real work was made since beginning by a group that I admire for their efforts to create something for players and their families.

What can you expect from Ludica? Wargame, boardgame, cardgame, other kinds of games, roleplay, live roleplay, historical swordsmanship, historical and fantasy reenactment, various kinds of hobby modelling, games for children. All this inside 4 really huge hangars. To know more go to:
And this one is the page dedicated to Ganesha Games:

That is the advert about my presence in the convention. Tomorrow is the first of 3 days. An Of Gods And Mortals tournament will be held Saturday. I and Andrea, and a lot of friends, will be in the fair. Come to say hello to us.