A long time ago Fabio “TB Line” from Bologna sent me this image about something on his computer. Was he projecting a doughnut with CAD programme, he wasn’t?

The real story is that Fabio promised me an arena made of polystyrene for my gladiators. He is the wizard of polystyrene, you know. In the first instance he was thinking about a theatre, then he realised that gladiators fought in an amphitheatre! So he took a photo of the Coliseum and wanted to replicate it, in 28mm scale!!! When I explain to him that I don’t own a home where storage a 1 metre high polystyrene block, he thought to something more realistic in size to play with miniatures. He studied the matter considering stairs, water conducts, underground backstage, terraces, trapdoors, ways, sunshade, empire stand. With a modular approach this arena have to be divided in parts, so that its storage and transport was easy and detailed and internal parts could be built. A great project with a lot of building elements to assemble. Too great, indeed. So he postponed its realisation day after day, week after week, month after month. I thought to his life, with a wife, two little girls, a ruleset, a 10mm miniature company, and his real job. Then I decided it would be better if the arena was built directly by me in a more unpretentious form.

As result of Fabio involvement in the project I have got only this photo of the CAD design: an electronic doughnut. And his friendship. He is a good guy.

When I wrote these lines and prepared this post was 12 years ago. Fabio is still one of my friends and I’m still involved in gladiators in games. Things to do are time burning and even this blog suffer for this. Today, while I are sitting around at home with scarce will to do important things, I found my old blog. Maybe it was time to publish posts that I almost prepared for the blog. So, it is the time. Every Sunday a new (old) post until I have them. And if you want to find what I’m doing there is my Instagram. The blog was better but I cannot edit it anymore. See you in the next posts!