I want to close this year with the image of the best mayor of Rome: Gianni Alemanno. You can see here his concept about recycling. He took off bins to streets so now people have to throw away their litter (inside paper bags!) only in (secret?) selected open areas on the street where a dustman collects them, when he is present obviously. This service is activated only in determined hours in the morning, during the day is impossible to throw away your litter. So lazy people throw away their litter everywhere, even in the bins for plastic or glass (the ones that remained at their place). But there is also people unable to reach dustmen, even because people work in the morning. And if you buy a slice of pizza there isn’t a place where to put the envelope.
The recycling fact is only an excuse for some matter of money. I think all this thing costs more than before, and there is no more recycling. The upper picture explain all the situation on the new service to a cleaner Rome. It was took under my house in a normal day.

I could say more on this great mayor and his great management, his scandals and his inefficiencies, but I think you can just see this photo where our mayor is doing one of his habitual activities. With a free translation, the surname Alemanno can be interpreted something like “Oi! I eat!”.

In this night there is the tradition to throw away the old things that you don’t want in the following year. I’m thinking about someone…