After only 2 months I came here to report the BIG event of 2013, the Lucca Comics and Games convention of 2013. In these days an official report by organisation gave the real numbers of the fair. They sold 217646 tickets. You have to add all the people that worked in the fair, as vendors for over 700 stands, volunteers that managed the masses of people, all the people involved in spectacles and events, press and all kinds of operators, citizens of Lucca and neighbouring. 40000 square metres of exposition area. To complete the numbers I can add that you could not find a room to sleep on all north-west Tuscany. During the 4 days I was in my area but I found some time early in the morning to watch the fair. Well, I reached to see all stands only one time, and no show, spectacle, event, film or exhibit. It was impossible, I could reach places only because I had a staff pass. In the next year they are thinking to expand the fair area because of the blocked streets of the city even for walkers and the long queues to enter in pavilions. So more Lucca C&G for 2014!

And now my report. I have over 100 photos to post. It is difficult to manage all this so it will be a little jumble. To start, a couple of photos about Doctor Who. Tonight will we watch the end of the 11th Doctor. Those days we were waiting for the 50th anniversary. A cosplayer meeting based on this saga was held. Huge numbers I heard.