Luca is back in Rome from London to visit his parents, with wife and children. And so a new reunion of old chaps was setted! Here we are at the beginning of the evening, at work with forks and mouths. We ate (for each one): 1 crocchetta (boiled ground potato, then fried, with mozzarella inside), 1 fiore di zucchina (fried zucchini’s flower with anchovy and mozzarella), 1 oliva ascolana (fried minced olive with ground meat), 1 supplì (ball of fried rice with tomato and mozzarella), 2 arancini (big ball of fried rice with meat and other things and spices), 1 pizza (big like a roofing tile). I had some traditional sweets at home, but we only drink water and digestives.

After the dinner we played with Song of Drums and Shakos, 2 (I and Luca) vs. 2 (Paolo and Narciso), with a scenario managed by Diego. Turns was driven by playing cards. Glorious French have to sack some sheep (we simulated them with white dices!) to bastard goddams. You can guess which side I was. Well, more than skilful shepherds we were only dedicated to shoot enemies. At the end there were so many cadavers and sheep were almost useless because there were not more alive stomachs to feed.

Final photo! Outside the temperature is low so my chaps seem inflated to cover from cold. Or fried and pizza inflated we all!