Last day and half to the end of this Kickstarter project. They have improved the look of their modules to compose the arena. In this way you can obtain an arena with a real decent look! I suspect that they showed before only rough prototypes. Bad move in my opinion. Now it express more potential.

An “only walls” version is available too. In this way is more easy to play because with all the full structure it is difficult to move the miniatures. In this way the arena seems a biscuits tin arena, even if larger but more frangible.

There a lot of stretch goal still locked. They aren’t unnecessary, they are necessary to give a better look at all! So if they will be locked how could we see them realised? Here the modules available to compose your mdf arena. I only disagree with the rough form of wooden terraces and with some other aesthetic and not so historical choices.
Pledge here before it will be too late: