And now the birthday report! And an Of Gods And Mortals mega-game. Here my birthday cake with a 44 sign and a candle added: my mother couldn’t find the 5 to compose 45…

In the morning a party at work, in the evening with family. And Sunday with friends from university years. I organised the party at the local IKEA store. A novel meet with shopping. Next year another eccentric location is in my mind.

Saturday instead a trip to Canino to play with Diego, Narciso and Andrea. The 2nd of July is Diego’s birthday, mine is the 3rd, so I like to organise a special day with friends and miniatures. This time we played with OGAM for a Ragnarok scenario. I built armylists and some rules for this event. The duty was even find and assemble our available miniatures and terrains for it. Two Aesir (Thorr and Odhinn) versus two giants progeny (Loki and Surtr) for more than 2600 points each side instead of 900. Huge.

Surtr the black arrives with Muspell people. The 9 worlds are in flame!

Utgard Loki at Yggdrasil roots!

More giants and trolls are on rampage!

Frost Giants versus heroes from Valhalla!

Bersekers smashed!

Loki is free on a cliff, ready for his tricks!

Pause. Launch at restaurant and than after-launch with ice-creams.

Thorr arrives to kill giants!

Odhinn the All-Father strike!

Aesir won! They are unbeatable by giant hordes. Something in the scenario didn’t run as we thought. However Ragnarok is not ended: Fernir still doesn’t eat the Sun. So we will propose a better Ragnarok scenario at RomaGioca, the 20th of September. Hopefully we will play against our friends from Macerata for another epic struggle.

And here what remains after the Ragnarok! An empty terrain…