It’s time to attach some paper with bricks pictured! The first pieces are those under the arches. On the pictures you cannot say the differences between the printed bricks and the coloured edges. I think it is almost the same at strict distance.

The horror, the horror! The arches are warped! The glue and the paper deformed the form of the arches!

You can see the arch without the paper attached (with the straight pillars) and the arch with the paper (with a cleft).

But our master of polystyrene found the solution! He put a thickness made of polystyrene, with the regular distance between the pillars, under the arches, so the fold of the pillar is pushed at the right form. After he attached the paper with bricks on the point of contact of the sections of the viaduct. The surface stress of this paper and glue, combined with the thickness, put the pillars in the right position. You have to wait the stabilization of the piece and after you have the job done.