Sunday and Monday I went to Terni for another editing session on Ferrum et Gloria. I reread all the rules four times tweaking some parts as language and content. I stole the computer for almost two full days, so Andrea could only draw a couple of illustrations, for a game scheduled for 2016, and prepare something for RomaGioca, the Rome wargame convention that will be held this Saturday. With my OGAM scenario called Ragnarok an a preview of FeG.
So now I think this is the final edit session. Andrea is working on the new cover. Here a draft preview on the screen.
On a printed draft copy a dry blood sign near the logo. It is my and Andrea’s blood mixed on the paper: another mosquito splattered. This time I killed 7 mosquitoes. I gave my blood for these rules! There is blood on the arena! Blood for the Blood God!