Here we go! The 1 of a 9 parts of my full report on Lucca Comics & Games 2014. Too many things to say, too much sensations. So this is only a slice of the event, what I could live.

We start with some numbers. 264454 confirmed visitors in 2013. Well, only the Saturday they sold 100000 tickets this year. And the fair is on 4 days. Maybe this time we had almost 300000 tickets. And a lot of people came only for the free areas. Too many people around that was impossible to buy tickets because it was impossible to reach the ticket offices. So we could have almost 400000 people around. In an area with almost 9000 local residents. So, imagine the crowd…

This is part of the queue for the Games pavilion, where I was. Saturday you had to wait more than 2 hours to enter.

Where I was I couldn’t note this, only some metres away and you couldn’t see what was happening…

This is exactly what I could see from my stand.

This is the walk on the walls.

Another view of the walls. This is a free area with part of the Games section.

But how to reach the walls without the queue?

Dangerous? Watch what was under the walls… On the left the access to the main Lucca door, towards the Games pavilion.

And one of the main Lucca roads…

I pick the last three photos from the web. I was enough smart to don’t think to have a walk at the time of peak people presence. In a matter of fact I made my main walk around the first day and all was extremely more liveable.