Near Poggio Rusco, town where was the annual gathering of Italian paratroopers, there is the Po River WWII Museum at Felonica. After our duty we visited it. In this zone there was one of the last events of war, the withdraw of German forces with the passage of Po river, towards Alps. So a lot of materials were found and now they are exposed here thanks to volunteers work. Some things were hidden in mud, others were utilised by local people for civilian uses: military jackets as working suits, antiaircraft gun barrels as poles, Panther wheel as part of an agriculture machine.

German stuff. Note the photos that a fighter held in his pocket inside personal documents: one with the girl that wanted to marry, one with the girl that sold her services.

English stuff. Sten machinegun after mud.

United States stuff. The gangsters machinegun.

Italian stuff at the service of King George VI. A mix of Italian & English stuff for a member of “F” Recce Squadron.

Parachute, MAB and helmet for Operation Herring.

There are more interesting things inside the museum, as rare German uniforms or parts of a destroyed bomber. This is only a rapid review of what is available. It is not near usual tourist routes but it worth a visit.
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