And now something about 2015 holidays. This year was Genova, at the end of May. From here an empire on sea was built. And Cristoforo Colombo started his voyage to discover another continent. Now it is still a proud city with something of rebel into his veins, with more glory than majesty.

Old city with narrow streets. Dark even when sunny. A maze, sometimes dangerous.

Epochs on epochs. A mix that still live.

City lie on hills, so you have to climb it.

Some buildings have an access to the road on the ground and on the roof following a natural height difference. No straight lines from a place to another here, but walls to climb with steps.

Building inside buttresses. Every space must be used.

And now the part built in the 1800 and on. A straight one level large way with porticoes. The fountain has pink water. It seems wine or blood.

Even here a difference of levels: under a portico, and upper a church.

A view of the harbour from a fake castle built on a real castle. It is still one of the most important Mediterranean harbours. In the dock a cruise ship so large that it seems a big block of flats.


The old lighthouse now is only an element of the harbour, enclose by a coal-burning power plant, roads, huge ships and containers.

The old part of the harbour is now a tourist place with cinemas and attractions.

Boccadasse was a small town for sailors. Now it is absorbed by Genova and it a picturesque place where to eat gelato.

At the other end of the city, on the left, there is Pegli. Some beach resorts on stones instead of sand.

More tomorrow…