More things about Genova. This is the last post and it is dedicated to travellers, as Cristoforo Colombo.

Another traveller was captain D’Albertis. He travelled around the world three times. When he was in Genova, it built a castle that now is an ethnographic museum with a weapon section based on his souvenirs took around.

Another traveller was Edoardo Chiossone who worked at the Imperial court of Japan, designing their money. He collected various things, and among these armours and weapons.

A war mask.

Samurai armours.

The museum is very suggestive and with a particular architecture. At the ground a musical exhibition was held as final year essay.

James Richardson Spensley, an Englishman who worked in Genova, practically founded the first football team in Italy. During the visit of the team museum I found this boardgame, a sort of football manager on cardboard.

Other travellers were the Red Shirt leaded by Garibaldi that started from Genova conquered the South Italy. Since Italy was united as country.

And this one is one of the proto-flags of Italy.

If you want to know more Genova you have to become a traveller and go there…