We need a name for the Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes game world. The name must be original and suggestive. It can be a made-up word, a portmanteau, or a word in a long-dead language that sounds cool.

Your entry should be sent by email at andreasfiligoi@gmail.com with the subject GAMEWORLDNAME typed in all caps. One entry per person. Text of email should include the street address of entrant so we know where to send your prize.

Send your entry by August 25th.

We will put together all entries on SurveyMonkey and run a survey through September 10th, 2015. The name with most votes will be officially used in all Song of Blades and Heroes and Tales of Blades and Heroes books.

Winner will receive a free, signed paperback copy of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes and a signed, full-color character illustration original painted by Andrea Sfiligoi.

In the meantime, the kickstarter is more than $22000 with 265 pledgers.