In the meantime. The global government wants to terrorise us in every manner. It finances terrorists as Daesh and wants to destroy Russia that wants only the right to live. After the prohibition to fly with bottles of water or nail-clippings, now it wants to ban legal gun ownership. With a series of excuses it claims that even deactivated weapons, as rusted iron pieces of WWII era without firing mechanisms and closed barrels, cannot be in possess of registered collectors. Everything that resemble a semi-automatic weapon must be destroyed. Toys too.

Let’s try to sign this petition on And never trust the global government.

Following the text of the petition:

On the morning of 7th January 2015 Terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo, with fully automatic, unregistered and illegal firearms.

Since then the EU has been preparing new legislation to ban semi-automatic firearms in the hands of law abiding EU citizens. Despite the fact that these weapons were not used by terrorists and are not even typically used by criminals.

They use unregistered, untraceable black market full auto Kalashnikovs.

The new legislation has been on the back burner since April 2015, only to surface now on 18th of November, barely 5 days after a second attack in Paris.

The victims of this tragedy have not been buried yet, the criminals are still on the loose and the police has not even finished the investigation and yet the EU is announcing measures to prevent something like that from happening again.

Unfortunately nothing in the draft would have prevented these 2 attacks since neither were done with weapons that are now legal and would be banned with this new law. Nothing.

It is not logical and above all it is extremely unfair.
It is unfair to the victims, it is unfair to the law abiding citizens whose hobby and property will be taken away.

Say NO to the draft proposal announced on 18 November 2015
Do not restrict semi-automatic firearms ‘because they look like an automatic firearm’

We the Citizens demand that the EU brings focus on the real problems:
– That the external borders of the EU are not protected.
[note: Turkey will enter in Schengen area in October 2016!!!]
– Our population has groups in it that refuse to align with our democratic core values and our culture.
– Illegal arms trade is rampant within the EU.
– Criminals and terrorists have easier access to illegal weapons than legal gun owners have access to legal arms.

That is the current situation and this new legislation does NOTHING to address those problems.
The 18 November IP-15-6110 draft to amend 91/477/EEC is not only populist in nature, it is also an insult to our civil liberties and to the intelligence of the EU citizens as a whole.

Read here the UE law proposal.