Meka is a ruleset by Paolo. He is affected by megalomania and wants to create a system to play with 1:144 models of Japanese androids drawing inspiration from animes. After his former efforts now he realized something more reliable. We made this test to verify his ideas. And a lot of things seem to work out. There is something to improve, especially for a more fluid movement, but I think this is the right way for the game. He have to test what we have found out this afternoon and after he has to test again the game, with more pieces involved inside.

The great thing is that you can buy an action figure for a small amount of money, ready without painting and with a lot of possibility of poses and weapons, and instead to put it on a bookshelf you can play with it. There is a point system to built your mechas and so you can have different choices of play. While you are playing you can replicate the situations of the anime.

Here you can see Zakus, the best mecha design ever did. Look at the N scale scenario. It was bought in Japan during Paolo holidays.

The effort is to put inside the game all the weapons and mobilsuit types, so the datasheets are very large. With this game you could play even with other universes than the Gundam one. I hope to use my 1:144 Patlabors.

The testing was with me, Paolo and Franci. We made all versus all. I won the day. Next Sunday I will be in Terni to testing new Ganesha Games rules. Guess what I play with.