We are in Terni again, at Sergio’s house, also known as Palalaliscia!
Were a lot of time we wanted to do another gaming day with new productions in the works by Ganesha Games. So, me and Andrea played with giant monsters and Diego and Sergio played with little Napolonic soldiers.

Here can view Sergio during the rules briefing. This is the last version of Song of Drums and Shakos Large Battles. We tried it last year with an area movement approach and in this metric form.

I followed only part of the battle setted for the testing. It was the first day of the Tolentino battle of 1815. The play went on with debating about the rules and how to improve them. Diego is a fan of rules discussions and of Napoleonic era, so I think this session was very useful to Sergio to prove his game.

In another room another struggle went on. It was about giant Japanese monsters from cinema screens. I’m following this game from its born because I am a fan of kaiju. I have got a shelf full of 7cm mosters and a big Godzilla is watching me from a bookshelf while I’m writing on the keyboard.

Mighty Monsters is now almost ready. This latest version go on smoothly, only little adjustments are necessary. The wound system is brilliant: you have got 3 kind of dices, white to red throught yellow, every wound you have to substitute one dice with a worse one. If you fail your activation test with 1 on your yellow dice you must throw on a disaster table, while if you fail your activation test on your red dice you must throw on a worse disaster table. So you have wounds that effect your powers or your actions. Every monster have peculiar statistics and comportment, and you can build them with a point system. We had got some Toho’s monsters and you could watch them fighting like in a film!

For the gossip column I won the fight. Andrea’s Godzilla was lazy and without talent while his Ultraman fight well. My MechaGodzilla save the day with an heroic attitude.
Here you can see the Ipad with a page from the upcoming ruleset. We ascertain that a 90×90 terrain is the best, with a bunch of buildings as scenario. We must prove with Japanese Defence Forces another time…