Salute is so huge that you must to watch it again in photos because there is always something that you lost! So I surf the web and I find some interesting galleries that now I want to sum in this post full of links. And I discovered some scenarios that I didn’t watch, like the VBCW that I wanted to see so much. Where it was? There was even a great propaganda truck! I only found the Reiver stand with great trucks and tanks, that maybe I will buy in the future.

I spend my time in Salute roaming like a thirsty in desert, so I had no mind to take great pictures. Well, these photos are better than mine, so enjoy!

Semi-official gallery by South London Warlords

Our personal photoreportered day by RoninClan

Raid on Salute by Gioconomicon

Some of the best by 6MilPhil

Good report by The Anarchy of Anton

Complete walkthrough by Joe – part 1
Complete walkthrough by Joe – part 2
Complete walkthrough by Joe – part 3