I was born in Rome, with all that it entails. A keen consumer of anime, kaiju eiga and wuxiapian and a compulsive reader of comic-books, science fiction and historical non-fiction books. I reached a diploma in computer science and a degree in literature (study of ancient religions and linguistics). I listen to Hardcore-punk, Oi! and Power-electronic music. In the past I have also written and taken photos for music fanzines and magazines. I’m a WW2 Italian paratroopers reenactor too. As webmaster I designed websites, I even have worked on educational web-based games for children for the Italian National TV, but now I have a purely bureaucratic job.
Among my first childhood memories are of playing with “Atlantic” plastic soldiers. I re-discovered toy soldiers with WH40K, then becoming one of the movers and shakers of the Italian DBA tournament scene for over 10 years. I musters lead troops, mostly painted by my father. When time allows, I develop my games, attend conventions and playtest Ganesha games.
I write this blog in English (I learned it reading comics and punk fanzines) but I’m Italian so you can’t find a proper use of language. Don’t worry, Andrea translate my rules in English…

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