Norse Pantheon

The Norse pantheon is probably the second more played faction in the OGAM universe. Here we will add a few extra units for your Norse force.


Odin’s Menagerie
Not only Odin rides his eight-legged horse Sleipnir, he his also accompanied by two wolves and two ravens. Here’s a suggestion on how to stat them up.

Odin’s Ravens
Huginn (“thought”) and Muninn (“memory”) are a pair of talking ravens that fly all over the world, and bring information to Odin. In the legends, they left in the morning to return at night, but we can assume that they also accompany Odin in his battles.

Huginn or Muninn (legends, 62 points each)
Q3 C1 Long Move, Flying, Extend Sight, Unique

New Trait: Extend Sight (3 points)
This ability allows a Legend to act as a relay for the God’s sight. In game terms, the God can trace a line of sight with a ranged attack to any target that can be seen by the creature with Extend Sight.

Odin’s Wolves
Geri and Freki (both words mean “the ravenous” or “greedy one” in Old Norse) are two wolves which accompany Odin. Since Odin feeds only on wine, he gives them all the food on his table, and they devour it. Geri and Freki also run to feed on the bodies of the slain in battle.

Geri or Freki (legends, 80 points each)
Q3 C3 Long Move, Forester, Greedy, Unique, Consume

New Trait: Consume (3 points)
This ability may not be assigned to Mortals. Any target slain by a model with Consume may not be returned to the game by the Healing or the Raise the Dead powers.