Theseus list

Theseus already appears in the Greek force list, along with his most famous foe, the Minotaur. Earlier in his career, Theseus defeated six other foes on the road to Athens. Here their list by Graeme Davis, the author of Theseus and the Minotaur in the Osprey Adventures Myths and Legends series. He has also written historical roleplaying supplements including GURPS Vikings and the AD&D Celts Campaign Sourcebook.

free download of the Theseus list

New Army List: the Football Pantheon

With the Football/Soccer World Cup looming, a certain game designer with too much time on his hands (Massimo Moscarelli) has come up with a way to play OGAM with football models (Eureka miniatures sells them in 28mm, or you could use your Subbuteo pieces). Football being Italy’s most widespread religion, I can do nothing but approve of his list and print it here.

We never played it yet but it should work. Feel free to add your own legendary players… You can use a miniature football as a god.

I am one of the three Italians who don’t care at all about football/soccer so I cannot give any advice.

The Football 308 points
Q 2 C 4 ambusher, combat master, free disengage, superspeed


Pelè 106 points
Q 3 C 3 unique, shooter (L), good shot, danger sense, legendary shooter

Diego Armando Maradona 106 points
Q 3 C 3 unique, shooter (L), good shot, free disengage, legendary shooter

George Best 110 points
Q 3 C 3 unique, shooter (l), good shot, drunkard, very difficult target, fire into melee

Éric Cantona 96 points
Q 3 C 3 unique, shooter (m), good shot, hammering blow

Roy Keane 94 points
Q 3 C 4 unique, shooter (s), dashing, hammering blow

Generic Golden Foot 80 points
Q 3 C 3 shooter (l), good shot

Generic Goalie 80 points
Q 3 C 2 invulnerability, rare (1)

José Mourinho 66 points
Q 3 C 2 unique, carrier, confound, smithy


Hooligans (OO or CO) 23 points
Q 4 C 2 dashing, fanatic

Pay-TV Subscribers (OO) 12 points
Q 4 C 1 fanatic