OGAM: Ragnarok

We played a new scenario for OGAM based on Ragnarok, the final battle between Norse Gods and the forces of chaos. We were with our friends from Macerata at RomaGioca, a gaming convention in Rome. This scenario will be in the next issue of Talespinner magazine. Here some photos took during the game.

foto 027

foto 036

foto 023

foto 015

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foto 046

OGAM Tournament at Villa Potenza Macerata

At the 10th Salone del Modellismo at Centro Fiere di Villa Potenza (Macerata) Sunday April 6th there will be an OGAM tournament called “The Blood of The Gods”.

Warbands will be built at 900 points, using the tournament rules explained on this site. Andrea Sfiligoi, author of the rules, will be attending and acting as a judge.

Participants to the tournament have a free entry ticket to the convention.
We will post a gallery of pictures after the tournament.

On Saturday, Andrea Sfiligoi will run a demo table of A Fistful of Kung Fu.

OGAM table at Hellana 2014

Ganesha Games will have a large OGAM table at Hellana 2014 (Agliana, Italy) on Sunday, March 30th 2014. A large Norse vs Greeks battle with 2000+ points armies, multiple gods on each side, and lots of scenario complications will be fought. Miniatures and books will be available for purchase at the Ganesha Games stand.

Hellana is a small but unmissable wargaming convention in Tuscany, mainly aimed at historical gamers. Ganesha will also have a demo table for A Fistful of Kung Fu, the Hong Kong action movie ruleset written by Andrea Sfiligoi for Osprey Publishing.