OGAM in Macerata – Results

Here are the results of the OGAM tournament in Macerata, Italy. As you can see there are two scoring criteria. The first column shows the names of players in the match. The second column shows results proper — 3 points to the winner, 1 point to both players in the case of a tie, and 0 points to the loser. The third column shows the damage inflicted (i.e. the total point value of all destroyed or otherwise eliminated enemy figures). The second column is used as a tie breaker.
One complication card was randomly drawn for each table. We will post pictures as soon as we receive them from the club that organized the event.
All the armies were taken from the book, with a few additional figures (Odin’s wolves) taken from this blog. A player-designed Paris (a Greek hero with Shooter Long and Good Shot) was the only unofficial figure allowed in the tournament. Odin, Artemis and Athena confirmed themselves as though nuts to crack and won the first three placings on the list.

first turn

chisena vs luzi 3-0 906-0
moscarelli vs fermani 1-1 276-201
riccitelli vs gaetani 3-0 618-23
morresi vs ponziani 1-1 306-266

second turn

moscarelli vs morresi 3-0 526-256
gaetani vs luzi 1-1 480-134
fermani vs ponziani 1-1 400-186
chisena vs riccitelli 1-1 276-248

third turn

chisena vs moscarelli 1-1 176-199
riccitelli vs fermani 3-0 502-190
ponziani vs gaetani 1-1 214-312
morresi vs luzi 3-0 708-84

final results

riccitelli with Odin 7
chisena with Artemis 5
moscarelli with Athena 5
morresi 4
ponziani 3
gaetani 2
fermani 2
luzi 1

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