A bit of a podcast interview with Andrea Sfiligoi

https://www.adwgames.com/design.html a bit of a podcast interview with me (OGAM’s Andrea Sfiligoi) on the ADW Games website.
Forgive the sound quality (I was on a bluetooth headset on skype and the neighbors decided that was the right moment to hang a few paintings on their walls!). And please forgive my accent, I hope I speak clearly enough.

Oh yeah, you’ll notice a mention of a certain Doggerland Skirmish game (based on SOBH but with enough tweaks to interest old hats, I hope) that I’m writing for them and that they’ll be kickstarting soon.

More about this tomorrow… I’ll point you to the full podcast when it is available.

New Army List: the Football Pantheon

With the Football/Soccer World Cup looming, a certain game designer with too much time on his hands (Massimo Moscarelli) has come up with a way to play OGAM with football models (Eureka miniatures sells them in 28mm, or you could use your Subbuteo pieces). Football being Italy’s most widespread religion, I can do nothing but approve of his list and print it here.

We never played it yet but it should work. Feel free to add your own legendary players… You can use a miniature football as a god.

I am one of the three Italians who don’t care at all about football/soccer so I cannot give any advice.

The Football 308 points
Q 2 C 4 ambusher, combat master, free disengage, superspeed


Pelè 106 points
Q 3 C 3 unique, shooter (L), good shot, danger sense, legendary shooter

Diego Armando Maradona 106 points
Q 3 C 3 unique, shooter (L), good shot, free disengage, legendary shooter

George Best 110 points
Q 3 C 3 unique, shooter (l), good shot, drunkard, very difficult target, fire into melee

Éric Cantona 96 points
Q 3 C 3 unique, shooter (m), good shot, hammering blow

Roy Keane 94 points
Q 3 C 4 unique, shooter (s), dashing, hammering blow

Generic Golden Foot 80 points
Q 3 C 3 shooter (l), good shot

Generic Goalie 80 points
Q 3 C 2 invulnerability, rare (1)

José Mourinho 66 points
Q 3 C 2 unique, carrier, confound, smithy


Hooligans (OO or CO) 23 points
Q 4 C 2 dashing, fanatic

Pay-TV Subscribers (OO) 12 points
Q 4 C 1 fanatic

We have a gallery

While we work on new content, we added a gallery of pics.
The idea is showcasing our players’ armies there. Feel free to email pics of your force at andreasfiligoiATgmailDOTcom and we’ll upload them.

OGAM in Macerata – Results

Here are the results of the OGAM tournament in Macerata, Italy. As you can see there are two scoring criteria. The first column shows the names of players in the match. The second column shows results proper — 3 points to the winner, 1 point to both players in the case of a tie, and 0 points to the loser. The third column shows the damage inflicted (i.e. the total point value of all destroyed or otherwise eliminated enemy figures). The second column is used as a tie breaker.
One complication card was randomly drawn for each table. We will post pictures as soon as we receive them from the club that organized the event.
All the armies were taken from the book, with a few additional figures (Odin’s wolves) taken from this blog. A player-designed Paris (a Greek hero with Shooter Long and Good Shot) was the only unofficial figure allowed in the tournament. Odin, Artemis and Athena confirmed themselves as though nuts to crack and won the first three placings on the list.

first turn

chisena vs luzi 3-0 906-0
moscarelli vs fermani 1-1 276-201
riccitelli vs gaetani 3-0 618-23
morresi vs ponziani 1-1 306-266

second turn

moscarelli vs morresi 3-0 526-256
gaetani vs luzi 1-1 480-134
fermani vs ponziani 1-1 400-186
chisena vs riccitelli 1-1 276-248

third turn

chisena vs moscarelli 1-1 176-199
riccitelli vs fermani 3-0 502-190
ponziani vs gaetani 1-1 214-312
morresi vs luzi 3-0 708-84

final results

riccitelli with Odin 7
chisena with Artemis 5
moscarelli with Athena 5
morresi 4
ponziani 3
gaetani 2
fermani 2
luzi 1

OGAM Tournament at Villa Potenza Macerata

At the 10th Salone del Modellismo at Centro Fiere di Villa Potenza (Macerata) Sunday April 6th there will be an OGAM tournament called “The Blood of The Gods”.

Warbands will be built at 900 points, using the tournament rules explained on this site. Andrea Sfiligoi, author of the rules, will be attending and acting as a judge.

Participants to the tournament have a free entry ticket to the convention.
We will post a gallery of pictures after the tournament.

On Saturday, Andrea Sfiligoi will run a demo table of A Fistful of Kung Fu.

OGAM table at Hellana 2014

Ganesha Games will have a large OGAM table at Hellana 2014 (Agliana, Italy) on Sunday, March 30th 2014. A large Norse vs Greeks battle with 2000+ points armies, multiple gods on each side, and lots of scenario complications will be fought. Miniatures and books will be available for purchase at the Ganesha Games stand.

Hellana is a small but unmissable wargaming convention in Tuscany, mainly aimed at historical gamers. Ganesha will also have a demo table for A Fistful of Kung Fu, the Hong Kong action movie ruleset written by Andrea Sfiligoi for Osprey Publishing.

A website for OGAM

Welcome to this new website hosted by Massimo Moscarelli. Here you will find support for the mythological wargame rules Of Gods and Mortals by Andrea Sfiligoi. Enjoy!