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Lucca 2011: videogames

Lucca Games is videogames too. Here is where the real money is on game market, not in boardgames or wargames. They had the biggest stands. And beautiful hostesses. Nintendo is always the best, with 10 girls 10.

A sexy videogame well pumped to the audience. Something to trill hormones of young players, with fast action and big breast.

Free games with computers from another planet. Thermaltake is specialised in refrigeration of computers. So you can mount monsters for playing games.

This is not for humans. I think that with the energy necessary to run this computer you can feed of energy a bakery shop.

Have you got a video card integrated on your motherboard? This one is triple card and refrigerated by liquid. And you have to be mad if you own it.

Extreme modding. Put your computer inside a tire. And play with it a videogame on car races.


Suitcased arena

This Sunday I took a break and I went to Terni to test two new games by Ganesha Games: the large battle version of Song of Drums and Shakos and a fast game for tanks. I have got photos to present them but now I haven’t time to do it. My computer passed away the last week. The collapse of HD was fatal. I think that my computer worked in this form since 2003 or 2004. I know, one day all must end. In these days I spent all my free time working on it. It is a real mess because I have to reinstall all programmes and dates, and some of them are lost forever, like a beautiful scheme for Anticamente that I wrote to help me to manage games. I must work on two big websites and now I am stopped. The great thing is that after I will recover my computer, I have to pass a lot of time on it for programming. So, no time for this blog too. And it is summer, but I can’t taste it.

For a report of the day in Terni go on Drums & Shakos blog.

Well, even this time I want to give you something, just because I prepared it before. Again with arenas.

As you can see, this arena is thought like a hole with around only an upper squared surface. There is even a handle to easily transport it, like a suitcase. Maybe all seems more a subterranean arena than a Roman arena, but this is another solution for the “arena project”.

More to read here.


Lucca 2010: videogames

I thought that videogames were something not so interesting in Lucca. Instead they were the big thing in games pavilion! Almost half of the space were dedicated to videogames and seeing the long and beautiful legs from miniskirts of the hostesses you could understand where the money is in games field.

lucca 2010

lucca 2010

There was space for consoles and pcs, for the WII with its remote control and for the Playstation with its new remote control. A lot of games were on but I’m not so informed about trends and titles.

lucca 2010 lucca 2010

Before Lucca I didn’t know the 3D for the videogames. I thought that this could be a unnecessary element, but there was a little 20 seats cinema managed by Asus with promos on 3D videogames. They were terrific! It is absolutely a new playing experience, when you have saw this potential you cannot return back! I suppose we find all new titles in 3D format, it is great even for static games. I saw a Civilisation V ad in the 3D area, it is a causality or there is other? The weird thing was to see the people in front of monitors with their technological glasses: it is just an alienating view, but with this glasses all seemed a sci-fi flick about aliens who control the world with subliminal visions…

lucca 2010

A lot of videogames to try, but I have only saw other people doing this. There was even a videogame where you and your friends must replicate a band, and another one where you must dance according to the moves on the screen and a sensor gave you points if you are good in this. Like Lara Croft, but this is another story…

lucca 2010