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Lucca Comics & Games is coming

I waited for this day since a year. I’m on the train for Terni. Then last packing with Andrea. Motorway, four hours. At last, the walls of Lucca.

We are going to show our games in the biggest convention of the year, a mess of 300000 people during four incredible days. You can find us in Carducci pavilion, near the Miniature Island, Autori 3D area, S41 box. Come and say hi!


Server change

I’m returned from Empoli convention and I’m waiting for Lucca Comics&Games around the 1st of November. I playtested the new rules for venationes and now I have to write some changes. Ferrum et Gloria 2 is not ready yet, but some things are done now. I’m working on convention reports for this blog but in the following days there will be a server change, so I prefer to stop with new posts until I’m sure all is fine. So be patient. And have fun 🙂



During these days I’m presenting playtest rules for animals versus gladiators. I participated to RomaGioca and the DBA tournament, always here in Rome. In this moment I’m on the way for Romics, a big comic convention here in Rome. Then a trip to Terni to go to Empoli for a wargame convention during two days. The autumn is a convention season, so I travel around to show my Ferrum et Gloria together with Andrea for Ganesha Games. But the biggest event is the upcoming Lucca Comics & Games. Only a month to go. A 250000 people massacre for 4 days. I will write full reports for these events but now I’m in a hurry so you have to wait. However…

Have you recognised him? Ио́сиф Виссарио́нович Ста́лин in 1/6 action figure format. It is by DID. Overall quality as you see. Only the beret is a little large. I want it but my wallet is empty due to refurbishing works for my new house. Pity!