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Playtesting the new house

Suddenly the construction workers decided to complete some works for my new house. It’s not complete, it is still an empty shell, but it is almost clean. And with doors and windows, lights and loo. Only a kitchen table and garden plastic chairs. So at the last moment I organised a playtest Saturday at my new home. Andrea, Diego and the other Diego were here.

We playtested the newest games by Ganesha Games. I don’t intend to explain what is on the censored photos. You will know in the future. However it not what you can think. I can only say that dices are involved…

More secrets. This is another different kind of game. And it is almost complete with its development. Some drawings are realised too.

More news in the future for the games, and a full report for the house. Here instead a selfie with four mates after their games.


First time in Ieper

Ieper is a famous city for being the killing ground of young people in uniforms. Just 100 years ago. In the ’90 it was famous to being the city where there was the Vort’n Vis squat. Nowadays there is still an art-gallery squat with that name but in another place. Where I lived for a sum of 3-4 days there is now a polite restaurant-bar.

Some time ago I spoke about a blog with photos about my hardcore punk years. You can find the post here:

After about six months we have another post on that blog with other photos that I took in 1993:


Hateful 70mm

I live very near the Cinecittà studios, even called “Hollywood on Tiber river”. Here they make films since 1937. This time I visited them for a special event.

The last Tarantino film, “The Hateful Eight”, was filmed in 70mm. I remember when I was a child, where cinemas were enormous halls with big screens. Nowadays we have only cinemas with a lot of small screens. So inside a Cinecittà studio, the mythic “Teatro 5”, a cinema hall was recreated to play the film with all its 70mm glory.

In the foyer, some Cinecittà set designers recreated a set inspired to the film one. Like making models, but in 1:1 scale.
And in the end we spent more than 3 hours watching a great film as old times. Exciting thing. That was very different than television.


Advanced and dwarves

Only a quick note about the realisation of the two news books by Ganesha Games: Advanced Song of Blade and Heroes & Hammer and Forge. I suppose that you know them, so no more words. If you picked them during Kickstarter campaign, you have to wait some weeks for your copy by mail. Instead if you want to buy pdf or printed version you can go to Ganesha Games website. Miniatures are on the way too. In the meantime another Kickstarter is scheduled in near future…


Lead gladiators and more

I was so late with the reports that I forgot to speak about one article of mine on Dadi & Piombo magazine. You can find it here but it is only in Italian language. It features a review on available miniatures to play in gladiator games in all scales, 15mm to 300mm. However if you want to see a review by images, you can look at this page on my dedicated website about my rules:
Following here scans of the article. I don’t think you can read it, small types indeed. It is better to buy the magazine to do it…