Before blogs there were other ways to speak about himself and passions. No instant messages, photos and videos, but typing, photocopies, glue and stamps. My first fanzine was published in 1989, I think. This one was in 1995. Obviously no wargaming issues but hardcore music, straight edge music exactly. All in English, but with the help of a friend of mine. At that time I knew English worse than now!

Some days ago a Belgian contacted me about a music festival in 1994. It was during the half of August. With two friends of mine I travelled in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium. Backpacks, hostels and one Interrail ticket, a free pass for trains in Europe. The 15th of August we were at Legoland in Denmark. A crucial stop over was at Vort’n Vis (Rotten Fish), a squat in Ieper, place famous for WWI battles. Three days of hardcore music and meeting with other people like us all around Europe. A life ago, but still some memories are vivid in my mind.

This chap is drawing up a complete historical review of all concerts in that place. He found my address and I scanned my materials about that period. Now these are published in his blog:
You can even see a photo of mine with an injured foot due not to stagediving or pogo but football in that narrow alley. After I continued my European travel despite bandages. I was younger, slimmer and with more hair.