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Flat tin soldiers

Back from the past! It was 2012 and we were in Switzerland at the Paolo’s marriage. During a visit at a castle we found, inside a large number of showcases, an exhibition of flat tin soldiers which were owned by the former landlord. While I was viewing old photos I found them, so now I show them to you. But remember, it is only part of the exhibition. When you speak about the number of soldiers that you have got, you are never sure…

Instead, for the days of that holiday, go to:
Lac Léman & Lac de Neuchatel: summer holidays
Lac Léman & Lac de Neuchatel: castles
Lac Léman & Lac de Neuchatel: weapons


Galleys & Galleons

Galleys and Galleons is a standalone set of naval wargaming rules based on the Song of Blades engine. G&G allows players to fight out fast-paced naval battles without cluttering the table with charts or unnecessary record keeping. Easy to learn, fast to play, as usual. Each player commands up to 6-7 ships. Fleet games are possible with multiple players per side. Additional rules cater for mythical beasts, submersibles and more. Includes rosters for 36 historic vessels plus numerous shore forts, monsters and more. You can buy it in pdf format here.


More works at home

I’m speaking not so much about miniatures and games. Maybe because I’m busy with other things and I’m not playing at all. However.

More work at home, more money spent, more sweat of bricklayers in this hot summer. Something now appears, the final shape of the house is built. I’m waiting a small credit line to continue, while flooring materials and kitchen structure is scheduled for delivery during September.

On the wall, near the wood table and plastic chair, you can see the form of a door, a bricked over door. No particular secret or treasure house. At the origin this house was with another room.


Terni surroundings

Some days before my birthday I went to Terni to playtest something and to visit some towns in the surroundings. In this way even Andrea could have some time for a break from usual work.

I know Norcia as the city of Brancaleone, but Norcia is the city of Saint Benedict too.

Saint Claudius, patron saint of sculptors.

More than a town for pilgrimage, this is the city of pork meat workers. “Norcini” is the name of this kind of butchers. Instead of holiness here you can find ham.

Cascia, town of Saint Rita. Here there was less pork meat and more nuns around.

Leonessa. In English language it is the female of lion. Here we were in Latium. Our trip was around three provinces with different dialects and traditions. Near but divided by mountains. And this town is pretty high placed.

Città Ducale, city of the Duke.

After a night in Rieti, the day after we went to Bomarzo. Here there is a park, built around the last part of 15th century, populated with huge grotesque statues sculpted with local surfaced rocks. I wanted to visit it since I was a child.

Then Todi, town of Fra Jacopone da Todi. The largest and interesting one, with a pronounced Medieval look.

Medieval fun on the church portal. A figure has a so long penis that coil on the pillar to the ass of the figure on the bottom of the pillar on the other side. Seem that these jokes were usual at time.

And after two days of trips, a day and half in Terni to playtest Song of Armies and Hordes.


How to destroy your Warhammer army

Watch how an army for Warhammer catch fire. At 8.30 start the flame.


Mycotic forms

To identify forms of the mycotic infection spread by international postal services, we are showing some examples with these mug shots. You can find the “book” form and the “miniature” form, here in a huge colony of heavy weight. Beware! Don’t pick parcels!


And now they are 46

Another birthday. I never have enough of these. Life is a good thing and it is great to add another full year to it.