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Blood Reef

I want to bring to your attention the Blood Reef kickstarter by Antimatter Games:…/524168246/deepwars-blood-reef

Blood Reef is based on Deep Wars, that is a detailed variant of the Song of Blades rules. Antimatter licensed the rules and gave them their own spin. The end result is quite different from SOBH but has the same core rules.
The sculpts are terrific and Ganesha Games sculptor Paolo Fabiani is also working on this one.

But remember that tomorrow another kickstarter will begin, the Ganesha Games’s third kickstarter, on miniatures of anthropomorphic mixed apes with flying squirrel!!! And this is not an April fool joke!!!!!


Hellana 2016

A new location, an old convention: Hellana. Here again, year after year. But this time I didn’t bring with me gladiators. Moreover I wasn’t interested in tournaments. So only chatting with people about our lives and little soldiers.

Maybe the new location is a little larger than the old one. More space among tables.

One of the tables. A pause in the war.

Another view on tables. In the crowd a lot of known faces.

Le Granadier and its Napoleonic rules.

People from Macerata. And little people from North Indian Wars.

Flames of War tournament.

DBA 3.0 tournament. Old faces from North clubs involved in DBA. The South clubs now are on L’Art de la Guerre.

Learning table to play with L’Art de la Guerre.

WA.SP. table on WWII. They won a prize for it.

Beautiful trenches for WH40K.

The South and the North at distance.

The best of show scenario. Glamorous vessels here.

Canyons made of bark for a western scenario with Redskins and U.S. forces.

Roman legion stand strongly against cataphracts. In 28mm scale.

Civil war at the end of the Empire. In 1/72 scale. Magna Acies rules by Appius.

Ganesha Games table with Andrea and Miraz.

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes table in a dungeon scenario.

Cute scenario for Heel Creek, the Ganesha Games’ western rules. Still only in Italian language.

The prize as best participation table for Heel Creek.

Next year another Hellana. I hope I present something new for the event. However this weekend we are going to Modena Play. A longer trip than Hellana one, for an huge convention about boardgames and other kinds of games. See you there!


To the strongest!

I’m looking for rules for my ancient army. I thought to write them by myself but Ferrum et Gloria is still at half of its path so I haven’t enough time. I’m a DBA 2.2 player but I want something more historically based, with formations and troops with more characteristics. Now I found “To the strongest!” by Simon Miller and bought it for 10 quid in pdf version here:

I tried it with my friend Diego, using 15mm bases from my DBA armies collection. On the back of a 60×60 table for DBA I traced a square grid. This because movements are area limited with 4 fronts. With this stratagem all geometric problems are almost eliminated. It is not a boardgame, it is a smart way to concept movement. Because a game with this abstraction level wants regular and compact direction lines. It is not a skirmish, armies had contact on the fronts, so you must go straight towards the enemy! Tricks abusing geometry in rules are not a historical representation. And squares are better than hexagons because gamers abuse hexagons for constant flank attacks.

To produce activations you use poker cards. Various counters are used for disorder, victory points and shoot quantities. It is a game created for convention play, and you can feel it. It needs something more. As gamer designer I understand why some game elements were used. Well, I think that the overall structure is good but there are wrongs (shooting counters, shooting range, bonus by single based figures) and improvements to do (armour value, real veteran experience, formations, troop types, moral, bonus based on cards). When I’ll have time, I rewrite the game using my taste. I have to play a huge Late Roman army for a 28mm civil war. They are waiting too many years…

Next time the Hellana 2016 report!


Playtest and class

Another day of work on games. My new house as playtest studio. As first game we tried one of those you saw a couple of weeks ago. Game mechanics need some tweaks, but we are on the right path. We have to show it in April to another game publishing company. The other game is ready, book format too. Today I will print my beta copy. A supplement is ready too, and another one is playtested in these days. I’m thinking to add a supplement with gladiators in the future. This new game series is a surprise. Out in 2016 among other projects as kickstarters.

As second playtest phase we played with the newest version of Song of Spear and Shield. This is a very old project that is on development since the firsts years of Ganesha Games. Now we found another game mechanic for it. Are we satisfied with it? I dunno, however I think that this is 2017 matter, even if I wish to play with it.

Later in the day Andrea spoke at a class on game design here in Rome. In some weeks he will keep a full 3 hour lesson for it. It is a class about developing personal games, teaching notions about marketing, game designing, graphic realisations and all these elements. An interesting thing.


One year of work after

I bought a new house for my miniatures. It was at the end of February 2015. Just one year ago. You can go to these past posts to know more about the original house state,
and the start of demolition and reconstruction works

Now we are arrived at the end of the refurbishment works. Not an easy thing. Delays, delays and delays. And delays, delays and delays again. Some wrongs, some intuitions, some problems, some solutions. It was only a 40mq house (and 9mq balcony). But sometimes I think that it was a palace.

Now I need furnishings to complete the work. But now I’m money empty, so I don’t know when I will buy a bed and other vital stuff, like a new panoramic monitor for my computer…

I hope to live here before the Summer. And my miniatures too.