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Ludica Roma 2013 is coming

The last month was a wargame marathon with too many events. I’m tired but satisfied. And now, the last wargame convention of the year: Ludica. This is THE wargame convention of Rome. I was crucial to find the initial contacts for it. However the real work was made since beginning by a group that I admire for their efforts to create something for players and their families.

What can you expect from Ludica? Wargame, boardgame, cardgame, other kinds of games, roleplay, live roleplay, historical swordsmanship, historical and fantasy reenactment, various kinds of hobby modelling, games for children. All this inside 4 really huge hangars. To know more go to:
And this one is the page dedicated to Ganesha Games:

That is the advert about my presence in the convention. Tomorrow is the first of 3 days. An Of Gods And Mortals tournament will be held Saturday. I and Andrea, and a lot of friends, will be in the fair. Come to say hello to us.


DBA Terni 2013

Full of events weeks. So the next posts will be dedicated to a retrospect of my past events among some new things. Now I want to show you something happened the 10th of this month: the DBA tournament in Terni.

The participants, from Roma (8), Arezzo (3) and Terni (1). We were in an hospitable miniature shop called “La Tana della Donna Nana” (“the dwarf-woman vault”, it is called from an Italian joke).

The smallest coup for the third place in the tournament. Another personal success in the last part of the season. Effectively I reached in the last three tournaments the 1st, 4th and 3rd place!

A classic DBA match that I lost: I vs Salini. This time was my very bad luck, a constant 1 result on dice.

My glorious Roman army versus vile Egyptians scum.

A classic DBA match that I win: I vs professor Mariani. This time a tie and a lot of personal boldness.

My camp. All roads lead to Rome.

One club partner of mine versus Gaul.

A couple of tables during the tournament.

Someone succeed to stop Gasbarri at the first match!!! However, after he won the other three matches…

This was the last date of the annual DBA Italian tournament, so we consigned the prize to Gasbarri as best Italian player, a fact that we know very well…

In the morning, while we were reaching the train for Terni, we saw this steam train. It was used for a special journey that day. We took a more standard train instead. And now we are waiting for the 2014 annual DBA torunament…


The Day of the Doctor’s Companions

Yesterday was the Day of the Doctor. But what could be the Doctor without his companions? We have to remind them. I want to pay homage especially to the last one, Jenna-Louise Coleman, the girl that save the Doctor through the time. She is very cute, with a jaunty behaviour and a lovely little face. Well, there is something more than her face.


The Day of the Doctor

I watched Dr Who when I was a child here in Italy, a dubbed version of the first series with Tom Baker. I was almost 5/6 years old and frightened by some scenes. But I liked the show very much. A lot of years after I finally found some dvds of the show, so I could watch that stories again. Then the revamp arrived and new stories are available. Time flies so the Dr Who is arrived to 50 years of broadcasting. This evening we will know more about the war of Time Lords versus Daleks. And we will meet the mysterious unknown Doctor, the eight and half Doctor. At 19:50 Greenwich time.


GiocaPerugia 2013 is coming

I’m leaving again for a wargame convention. This time is for GiocaPerugia: two days in Perugia about comics, wargames, roleplays, videogames and boardgames. A great location, inside underground medieval halls in a beautiful and historic city. Our team will be Andrea with OGAM, Sergio with 100 dices, and me with Ferrum et Gloria. A full report will follow on these pages. I didn’t forget Lisbon, Lucca and Terni reports, but I’m very busy with works, things to do for conventions and tournaments, and my main computer is falling apart. So all is delayed. The following week I hope to write almost all. However, if you want to know more about this Perugia convention go to the website:

Another reasonable ground to go to Perugia is the presence of the 2005 World Cosplay Champion, Giorgia Vecchini, that you can see in the following photo.


Lucca C&G 2013: overview

While I’m packing my miniatures for the next event, the DBA tournament in Terni, I wish to let you know about something of Lucca convention. Well, we were more that 200000 people… I still need some sleep, I have a lot of work to do, so I will publish photos and reports as soon as possible to me. In the meantime a video overview from Lucca C&G official channel.